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Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors

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Project Celebration is a combination of education and lock-in events conducted by educators, parents and community partners to help keep students safe and alcohol free throughout the school year and especially during school-related celebrations. The goal is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by impaired driving.  Annually, TxDOT awards mini-grants to help school officials, parents and community partners sponsor Project Celebration education activities and lock-in events. At Aledo High School, Project Celebration is a parent driven group that raises money to host a drug-free alcohol-free safe alternative after prom.  Project Celebration also helps to raise money for the senior breakfast, promenade festivities and the senior gift to the school. Project Celebration is not the Prom Committee or the Class of 2022 Committee (which are student driven).  Project Celebration is independent of the school and is not funded at all by Aledo ISD. If you are interested in sponsoring to support these efforts please refer to our donation buttons on this page and event pages from the menu above. If you are interested in volunteering please subscribe below.  For more information, email